Creating Network Centers

1. Meeting Patterns

  • Monthly Huddles
  • Monthly One-on-Ones
  • Annual Prayer and Vision Retreat
  • Annual National Conference

2. Strategic Development

  • Developing urban discipleship and ministry training
  • Taking responsibility for raising-up urban planters, pastors and leaders, identifying the next sites, cities and communities, and empowering the resources of prayer, renewal and capital
  • Developing a 7-10 year vision

3. Shared Resources

  • Committed % of tithes and offerings from churches
  • Committed % of profits and earnings from nitrogen group businesses
  • Using a 65%/20%/15% breakdown for start-up and process grants 

Strategy Narrative

         Network centers sit at the epicenter of organizing for a prevailing strategy.  Network centers are initially defined by 5-7 churches committing to a journey of disciple-making, leader-raising, and church-multiplying.  Disciple-making is the dynamic a where like-minded leaders band together for iron-sharpening-iron growth and accountability for their lives and callings.  Leader-raising is the dynamic in which leaders go on the transformational journey of Christian community development leading to the discovery of a voice of justice and reconciliation.  Lastly, the church-multiplying dynamic, in its simplest form, takes responsibility for the raising-up of new planters, for new places, with the resources to help send them out.  A network center is organized by identifying monthly and annual meeting patters, determining collective discipleship, leadership, and multiplication growth plans, and by committing to a shared resource model for planting and multiplication.