Strategy, Goals, and Scorecard

nitrogen Strategy

nitrogen is chasing a vision, mission, and strategy to see a nitrogen presence initiated in 10 cities by 2020 and 25 cities by 2040.  A nitrogen presence = 1. A developing network center 2. engaging in urban communities 3. purposed on multiplying churches. 

1. Creating Network Centers

Every movement starts with a pocket of white-hot faith!  A network center is that pocket.  Initiated by 5-7 leaders committing to starting a movement of disciple-making, leader-raising, and church-multiplying in the urban context.

2. Engaging in Urban Communities

The urban context is crying out for a gospel of justice and reconciliation.  Christian community development is a vision and philosophy of a whole gospel, for the whole person, for the good of the whole of society.  The whole gospel emphasizes evangelism and discipleship, social action, economic development, and justice.  The heart of engagement is an urban discipleship and ministry training journey to inspire, equip, and empower the church in the urban context.  

3. Multiplying Churches

Churches planting and multiplying churches is the goal.  A planting and multiplying church is a church that takes responsibility for: 1. the raising-up of planters, pastors, and leaders through the process of recruiting, assessing, coaching, training, and networking; 2. the identifying of sites, cities, and communities; and 3. the empowering of the resources prayer, renewal, and capital ... to see a movement rise.  

nitrogen Goals

We believe chasing the vision and mission of nitrogen will lead to …

2017/2018 Goals

   Identifying 3 Cities, raising-up 5 planters and leaders, and empowering $300,000 by 2018

2020 Goals

   Identifying 10 cities, raising-up 30 planters and leaders, and empowering $1,000,000 by 2020. 2040 Goals

   Identifying 25 cities, raising-up 1,000 planters and leaders, and empowering $5,000,000 by 2040.

nitrogen Scorecard

  • # of lives being transformed (Number of lives participating in nitrogen huddles, gatherings, and events) 
  • # of urban communities being restored (Number of urban zip codes with partnering churches and/or social enterprise start-ups)
  • # of churches being multiplied (Number of partnering churches a part of nitrogen)
  • # of new churches launched (Number of new churches started)
  • # of urban planters being raised-up (Number of planters in training - internships, residencies, staff roles, and training cohorts)
  • # of urban leaders raised-up (Number of social enterprise business leaders in training - internships, residencies, staff roles, and training cohorts)
  • # of social enterprise start-ups (Number of new social enterprise businesses started)
  • # of strategic partners (Number of private, public, and social sector strategic partnerships)
  • # of dollars being invested (Financial total of shared resource model)