Explore the reality of systemic racism and poverty in America.  Watch the film and consider hosting a small group or leadership screening.

The purpose of this film is to ...


1. Create a greater voice for the dignity of the lives and communities impacted by systemic racism and poverty in America. 

2. Develop a dialogue about systemic racism and poverty in urban communities.


3. Invite viewers to consider engaging in church planting and multiplication in urban communities through the practices of Christian community development.


To host a small group or leadership screening of this film and facilitate a guided dialogue, contact Phil Struckmeyer at pstruckmeyer@nitrogennetwork.net.

Questions for Dialogue

1. Where did you grow up?

2. What was the racial and economic make-up of the community/communities where you grew up?

3. Where were your grandparents and great-grandparents from?

4. What were your grandparents' and great-grandparents' stories?

5. What do you most remember about the community you grew up in?

6. What is the history of the community you grew up in?

7. What were your dreams as a kid?

8. What were the best memories for you as a kid?

9. What was the prevailing feel of your childhood?

10. What memories growing-up impacted and shaped you?

11. What were the pressures you faced as a teen?

12. What was the racial make up of your school growing up?

13. What were you involved in, in your high school years?

14. As a young adult, what local and national events shaped the direction your life would go?

15. Was there an incident in your life that directly affected the cause or purpose you would dedicate your life to?

16. Has the community you grew up in gone through any racial or economic transition during or since the mid- to late-20th century?

17. Were there any racial incidents that took place in your community?

18. Have you ever experienced a racial incident?

19. Are/were you aware of "white flight" taking place through the mid- to late-20th century?

20. What racial and economic issues and barriers have affected your life and community?

21. Do you feel non-profit organizations intended to help with social and economic issues are effective?  Would you consider non-profits to be "change agents"?

22. Do you think businesses and corporations socially and economically effect a community positively or negatively?  Would you consider businesses and corporations to be "change agents"?

23. Do you feel churches have a positive or negative effect on social and economic issues in a community?  Would you consider churches to be "change agents"?

24. Do you think "access and opportunity" are equal in the pursuit of the "American Dream"?

25. Are you familiar with the term "white privileged"?

26. How often do you think about race and poverty?

27. Do you think racism and poverty are systemic in the United States?

28. Is the community you are currently living in experiencing social and economic renewal?

29. Do you feel America is currently experiencing social and economic renewal? 

30. What currently defines the community you live in?

31.  What currently defines the United States today?

32. What are the prevailing strengths and weakness of the community you currently live in?

33. What are the prevailing strengths and weakness of the United States today?

34. What is the hope of your community as you think about the future?

35. What is the hope of America as you think about the future?

36. Should the church be a part of the conversations of social, racial, and economic justice and reconciliation in our communities and country?

37. Based on this conversation, what then shall we do?